• About Hoboken Girl


    I’m Jen. I’m just another sarcastic, straight-haired brunette from New Jersey with leather boots and a Louis Vuitton. But, I happen to adore blogging…and all things Hoboken. I started this blog in an effort to discover all of the amazing local food, fashion, fun, and people that Hoboken has to offer.

    • Interested in getting help with your local business’ social media and outreach? I have grown a twitter following from 0 to about 20,000 local followers in just over two years. Ask me how I can help & about my sponsorships and partnerships!
    • I’m also a local photographer, specializing in lifestyle portraiture for couples, children, and families. For more info, click here.


    Besides that: Things you will find on Hoboken Girl via my experiences:

    – Hoboken Eats  (I adore food and trying different types and restaurants – and love taking pictures of it. I also love eating gluten free and dairy free at times, so I have fun searching for Hoboken options that accommodate those diets)

    – Hoboken Style (Besides loving J.Crew, Bloomingdales, Zara, and BCBG – with a side of Forever 21 thrown in for kicks, I am a huge fan of vintage & local Hoboken boutiques).

    – Hoboken Drinks (My fave cocktails and delicious concoctions in Hoboken)

    Hoboken Happy Hours (Hot spots, where to go, etc)

    – Hoboken Nightlife (Samesies)

    -Hoboken Boutiques (ask me anything about where or what you can buy in Hoboken when it comes to fashion)

    -Adoptable Hoboken Pets (In conjunction with the Liberty Humane Society, I promote adoptable pets of the week!)

    -Hoboken Beauty (Ask me anything beauty-related about Hoboken. Chances are I’ve been there, or I know someone that can get you the answer.)

    -Hoboken Fitness (Where to workout, what classes to take, etc, etc)

    -Hoboken Health (I’m a certified health nut – always drinking something green or filled with kale, and attempting to be gluten and dairy free for the most part, I’m usually very careful about what I put in my body – minus Sunday Fundays and boozy brunches. There are lots of great places in Hoboken that cater to health nuts like me :)!

    -Anything else girly, Hoboken-centric, or Jerseylicious that you need to know. We also have some AMAZING contributors discussing lots of fabulous Hoboken {& other} topics — including gluten free eats, careers, event planning, parties, and more.

    Feel free to email any specific questions or inquiries at hobokengirlblog@gmail.com.

    – Can’t wait to hear from you! xoxo

    For advertising inquiries, email: advertising@hobokengirl.com


    • Hi there,

      Big fan. Really enjoy your tips and reviews of local places, this has become my new blog. Just have 2 questions:

      1. Do you have any suggestions for a salon that does threading?
      2. Do you have a team of people, or is it just you running this show?

      Thank you! Keep up the fantastic blog!

    • Hello Jen,
      I am a jeweler and metalsmith located at the Monroe Arts Center, Hoboken NJ. I would like to invite you to an event that I am hosting to experience an evening at EatMetal, Inc.

      Please join me for an evening of making beautiful bling, drinks, nibbles and cheer.

      Thursday, February 20th From 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
      EatMetal, Inc.
      720 Monroe Suite E511
      Hoboken, NJ

      Please Respond by February 11th
      To Elizabeth at eatmetal@mac.com or 201.926.9620

      Looking forward to seeing you in the studio!

    • Hi!
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      Let me know if you’re interested and we can get started right away!


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