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  • Adoptable Hoboken Pets of the Week: Mellow and Ox

    Liberty Humane Society presents the adoptable pets of the week! Here are some super cuties, ready for their forever home!



    This lovely gray cat couldn’t have a more perfect name!  At eight years old, he was brought to LHS as his owner decided to get a new dog and the two didn’t quite see eye to eye.  This major adjustment in Mellow’s lifestyle didn’t crush his spirit one bit.  He adjusted to life at LHS beautifully and quickly went from living in a cage to being a free-roaming floor cat in the shelter cattery.

    Mellow loves to play independently and with his floor cat buddies.  His favorite toys include feathers and cat nip.  If you give him a cat nip toy, he will roll around with it for quite a while.

    Mellow also loves human attention.  He solicits belly rubs from volunteers and loves to cuddle up on laps.  One volunteer comes to LHS just to sit Mellow on her lap and read.  He sits calmly and seems to relish the relaxing time they spend together.

    Won’t you give this guy a chance to cuddle up with you in your home this holiday season?



    Ox is just a happy-go-lucky, easy going guy.  He was found as a stray in Jersey City and we estimate that he is about twelve years old.  He is absolutely stunning with his two different colored eyes and a funny tooth that sticks out from under his top lip.


    Due to his laid-back demeanor, we think he would make a great dog for any type of home.  He loves people of all ages and is unfazed by loud noises or crowds so he would be great with children.  He is also very social with other dogs.


    Recently, we gave Ox a day away from the kennel.  He spent a few hours in the LHS administrative office and completely bonded with everyone.  He listened very well and cuddled up to each person eager to get a nice chin scratch. This poor guy shouldn’t spend his golden years without a family.  Please come down to Liberty Humane today and fall in love with Ox!  We guarantee that it won’t take long!


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