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  • Beautiful Hoboken: Some Photographs and Thoughts to Rejuvenate You

    I know after this awful storm we’re still putting together the pieces, and some of you may even be saying, “Why did I ever think to move here?” after all of the trauma that the last week brought…which includes the gas shortage, the horrendous commutes I’ve been hearing about (and witnessing first-hand), not to mention the life, business, and home-ruining flooding.

    Horrible as it was, this past week taught me many things. The biggest thing I learned this week was how caring and kind so many people are – even in their own time of need. I cannot count the number of people that have reached out to me in order to offer their volunteer services or donations to others in need — including those who have lost power, heat, and even their own apartments or homes. It is truly inspiring, and I am proud to call Hoboken my home.

    Hopefully some of these photos help you remember why you chose this city – filled with fun and excitement…truly urban-esque with a small town feel. I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer, but in my spare time I adore walking around Hoboken and photographing it. I figured I’d share a few snapshots with you. Enjoy.

    Pier A on a Spring Day

    Hoboken…Beach…Hoboken = Summer

    Sunset by the Train Station

    Inside the Train Station

    Clam Broth House..just love this sign

    Beautiful Brownstones…and power lines :)

    Grand & 8th Eyes

    View of the Verrazano

    Just a taste of my Hoboken photo collection…hopefully they made you want to go out and explore beloved Hoboken a bit.

    Post about how to help us rebuild even more coming soon.

    More photos to come! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

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