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  • Fro Yo Wars: 16 Handles Opens Uptown

    Like Hoboken needed another frozen yogurt place…but, we’re not complaining.

    16 Handles has officially opened in Maxwell Place! 1185 Maxwell Place, to be exact. If you’ve never been to Maxwell Park (and around Maxwell Place in general), you are, indeed, missing out. The views are amazing:

    photo 4

    Now 16 Handles has just that…16 handles of fro yo goodness.

    photo 2-1

    Some of the 16 Handles…

    In a nutshell, the things I loved about 16 Handles:

    • – The View of NYC
    • – Fun seating
    • – Nutrition facts on each label of fro yo
    • photo 2

      So nice to see.

    • – Toasted Marshmallow flavor
    • – Graham Cracker flavor
    • – Peanut Butter Confession flavor
    • – The endless amount of toppings! I’d say the coconut brownie bits were my favorite. YUM.
    • The fact that you’re allowed to sample the toppings too!
    • photo 1

      Toppings galore…


    • The sampling has to be done by a staff member.
    • I love how at other places you can try yogurt for yourself. As long as you don’t go fro yo sampling crazy, I think it’s totally fine to do so. But I don’t like feeling bombarded by the staff to sample or pick my fro yo asap. It’s a process that I quite enjoy and don’t want to be rushed.

    That was pretty much it on drawbacks. Location is quite convenient for uptown Hobokeners, that’s for sure!

    Prices are relatively reasonable – 51 cents per ounce…meaning 8 oz of fro yo = $4. Not horrible and most are similar to the other fro yo spots in town.

    So, what’d we get? Well…

    photo 5

    My Treat – Toasted Marshmallows & Peanut Butter Confession + toppings, obviously

    photo 3

    The Cereal-Lover’s Dream…Captain Crunch & Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Make sure you stop in to 16 Handles to test out some of the flavors and enjoy a cup of fro yo by the water. This place is sure to be quite popular especially as the warmer months approach. Speaking of – why is it still snowing in March?


    SUN-THU Noon – 10PM
    FRI-SAT Noon -11PM

    Long live the Fro Yo War…have you been to 16 Handles? What did you think?

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    One comment

    • I thought for sure that frozen yogurt shops were a west coast to east coast fad, but I suppose we need to consider it an institution now. I live uptown so I stopped by 16 Handles over the weekend.

      The area of the store with the “handles” was crowded with people waiting to taste flavors and see what each machine had in it. A guy from their corporate office was sitting next to me in an area that he described as a “party room” so I’m guessing they are going to try to get kids parties in there from time to time.

      The flavors were better than average and the toppings were a little less candy focused (good or bad depending on your preference!). I didn’t have patience to wait for the taster guy, but I would have only gotten the “vanilla tart” flavor had I understood that it tasted like frozen greek yogurt.

      It should be a good location for them. They will likely get a lot of business over the summer with the Shipyard roof top pools and the waterfront walk way near by.


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