• Healthy Hoboken Girl: Foods that Naturally Boost Your Immune System

    Lynda of The Healthy Hoboken Girl is back with another fabulous and health-conscious guest post! Make sure to check out her healthy living blog, www.HealthyHobokenGirl.com! Without further ado, here’s Lynda:


    Since over sixty percent of our immune system is located in our gut, it makes sense that what we eat has a direct impact on our health. We’re all running around crazy this time of year, drinking and enjoying all the season has to offer, I thought the Hoboken Girl readers would appreciate tips on how to naturally boost your immune system.


    Real Food Immunity: Garlic, Oats, Red Pepper, lots of Dark Leafy Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Root Vegetables like turnips, parsnips, carrots, beets and potatoes.


    Top Five Tips to keep you Healthy all Winter Long:


    1. Eat more real food. Add in more seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eat the rainbow. No matter what diet you follow, adding in more vegetables and fruit will always make you feel your best.


    Snack on raw vegetable sticks. Prepare them for the work week ahead. They have a ton of vitamins and minerals to help fight off colds and plenty of fiber and crunch to keep you full. Roasting or steaming only takes a few minutes after work when it’s prepped ahead of time and ready to go.


    2. Change up your meals. We are creatures of habit and tend to rotate through the same 5-7 meals. Since your body requires all different vitamins and minerals, switch things up and try a new recipe this month. Go for that weird brown root in the back of the grocery store and taste something new!


    3. Drink more water and be mindful of all the cocktails. Too much alcohol can overload your liver and make it harder for your body to get rid of everyday toxins and keep that healthy holiday glow. Honor your body and save it for specific occasions in moderation.


    4. Sleep & let go of stress. When you can, go to bed early and get your rest. A good night’s sleep works wonders. Don’t stress about anything you can’t control, breathe and stay calm. Everything will get done, I promise.


    5. Add in a probiotic supplement. An easy way to help our immune system stay healthy. Probiotics aid your digestion and add more of the good bacteria into your gut. A win-win all around. I’m not a huge supplement pusher but this will help everything function better.


    Wishing you all a very happy, healthy holiday season. For these and other tips feel free to check out my blog healthyhobokengirl.com.


    Here’s to all the healthy Hoboken ladies!! Cheers!

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