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  • Hoboken Beauty: Ombre Nails – In or Out?

    Lately, nail art has been all the rage. No, not airbrushed two-inch talons, but fun, medium-length, polished nails with a bit of sparkle, ombre, or pop. And it’s not just a Jersey thing.

    Here are some of my mani instagram photos:

    Ring Finger Mani

    Diagonal Glitter (DIY)


    Shellac Nude Sparkle

    As you can tell, none of these are ombre nails…in fact they’re kind of boring compared to ombre! But, having frequented nail salons quite often recently, my curiosity with ombre nail art has been piqued. My experience with ombre has been mainly highlight-centric, at the Beauty Parlour, where I received ombre highlights).

    If you’re not familiar with ombre, it’s basically a color fade – which on nails can be in the same color scheme or different! Below are some instagram photos of DIY ombre nails that @hobokengirl (on instagram) has come across:

    Photo via Mireille

    Image via @fashioninmybloodstream – blue sparkle

    Image via Cami (it looks like a watermelon – no?)

    Image via Cecilia

    Mind you these styles are not for the faint of heart!

    Here is an ombre nail art tutorial in case you want to try this at home (or ask a local salon in Hoboken to do it for you).Lucky for you, has compiled a list of all of the nail salons in Hoboken + their yelp/google reviews for your use. You’re welcome.

    So….what do you think? Is ombre nail art a DO or a DON’T?

    Tacky or fabulous? Sexy or silly?

    Comment below and let HG know what you think!

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    Jen is the editor, founder, and main blogger behind When she moved to Hoboken several years ago, Jen found that there wasn't much out there for 50% of the population: women. Now she's on a mission to bring the best of the best lifestyle topics and anything else girly, Hoboken-centric, or Jerseylicious that you need to know. When not blogging, taking photos {}, or working her {9-5} job, you can usually find Jen hanging with her husband and her French Bulldog Pierre, probably ordering takeout while watching some really bad reality TV and/or Law & Order SVU on Netflix.

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