{UPDATED Wednesday PM} Hurricane Sandy Hits Hoboken: Storm Pics from Instagram

Greg Sheehan: First and Jackson Wednesday AM

UPDATED Photos 10am 10/31/12: Readers have sent a variety of storm pics in so that I can post (to send a pic, email it to hobokengirlblog@gmail.com). I’ll be updating as I receive more.

From City Hall at 10am 10/31/12:

  • – We need donations of bottled water and non-perishable food. Please bring to Hoboken City Hall, 94 Washington St.
  • – 200,000 people are currently trapped in their apartments in Hoboken.
  • – National Guard is here. Please call out the window to them if you need help – DO NOT go outside. They are rescuing those with medical emergencies and those with no food/water first.  Go to the lowest floor – but again, do not go outside.
  • – All parking enforcement is suspended on Wednesday.
  • – According to United Water, the drinking water is safe to drink.
  • – Flood waters are a mix of sewage and rain water and pose a health hazard.
  • – The City is asking the National Guard for as many pumps as possible to assist residents in pumping out their homes.
  • – Volunteers can assist with a community cleanup of three parks: Stevens Park, Elysian Park, and Church Square Park. Please arrive at 10:00am at the corresponding park.
  • – Volunteers can also assist with other efforts by going to City Hall at any time.
  • – The curfew has been lifted and driving is permitted. Drivers must exercise extreme caution since most traffic signals are not functioning.

For live updates, follow HG on Twitter: @HobokenGirlBlog and City Hall of Hoboken on Twitter: @CityofHoboken

Any PSE&G power updates found here: http://www.pseg.com/info/media/news.jsp

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Email your Instagram photos to hobokengirlblog@gmail.com with your name and I’ll post and credit you. Please be safe!

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