• 15 Hoboken + Jersey City Dessert Spots to Satisfy an {Easter} Sweet Tooth

    Easter is a wonderful holiday for adults and kids… definitely kids. Those little peanuts get to enjoy Easter egg hunts and baskets filled with gifts, money, and candy {arguably the best part}. But adults? Pffft… we’re lucky if we get a slice of carrot cake. However, being that we ARE adults, we’re able to satisfy our holiday sweet tooth by buying exactly what we want. And the best part? You don’t have to travel far to do so. We’ve rounded up a few {a mere 15!} of our favorite local sweet shops below for those Easter candy cravings. Enjoy — and don’t forget to bring some treats to any brunch/dinner you attend! 

    1. Choc O’ Pain {157 1st Street // 530 Jersey Ave // 942 Summit Ave} 



    If croissants, macaroons, flourless chocolate cake or french pastries in general are what you want… then Choc O’ Pain has your fix! Located in Hoboken, Jersey City & {now} the Heights. Plus — use our deals guide and get a pretty sweet deal.

    Open until 7:00PM Saturday & 7:00PM Sunday

    2. Milk Sugar Love {19 McWilliams Place, Jersey City}



    How cute is their name… and chick cookies? Ice cream and cookies galore — made in-house in Jersey City using the finest organic milk & cream. 

    Open until 9:00PM Saturday & 9:00PM Sunday

    3. Giorgio’s Italian Bakery {1112 Washington Street} 

    cannoli from carlos bakery hoboken valentine's day

    Repeat after us…C A N N O L I S !! Giorgio’s is the place to go for those tasty little gems. They also have a variety of assorted Italian cookies and other scrumptious treats. But, it’s ca$h only, so make sure you bring some paper!

    Open until 5:00PM Saturday & 12:00PM Sunday

    4. Sweet {343 Garden Street}



    Such a darling little shop that smells like heaven. May we suggest the mini carrot cake cupcakes? If carrot cake isn’t your thing, don’t worry..they have PLENTY of yummy options.

    Open until 7:00PM Saturday & 6:00PM Sunday

    5. Schnackenberg’s Luncheonette {1110 Washington Street}


    This place has it allll. Breakfast, pastries, chocolates, and don’t even get us started on their milkshakes! For Easter, they’re offering chocolate bunnies and orange jellybeans in bags shaped with carrots

    Open until 9:00PM Saturday & 5:00PM Sunday

    6. bwe kafe’ {1002 Washington Street // 140 River Drive South, Jersey City}


    What’s desert without a good cup of joe? You’ll find it here. They also carry gluten free + vegan pastries by the awesome OM Sweet Home

    Open until 8:00PM Saturday & 8:00PM Sunday

    7. Lepore’s Homemade Chocolates {105 4th Street} 



    The name says it all. If chocolate is what your heart desires, then this is where you need to go.

    8. Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes {1401 Hudson Street}


    One of our favorite new uptown spots, Jaret’s hails from Nutley, NJ, and its cupcakes are nothing to scoff at — especially when they come in cake form {above!}. Each confection is stuffed with a flavored filling — ranging from Nutella to vanilla to lemon, and they are something to seriously write home about.

    9. Carlo’s Bakery {95 Washington Street}



    While it may have become a large baking company, Carlo’s roots reside in Hoboken — and we are LUCKY for that. Their cannolis are delicious, and we’ve never met a fondant cake we didn’t like.

    10. Hudson Cakery {1816 Willow Ave, Weehawken}


    One of our personal faves, Jenn of the Hudson Cakery never disappoints. This year, she’s offering mini lamb cakes {as well as her esteemed cake pops and other fun stuff}. If you’re a carrot cake lover, her carrot cake is out-of-this-world. But, don’t take our word for it. Wink. Plus, we’ve got a deal just for you. Check it out here

    11. Birch Hoboken {92 River Street}


    via Birch Hoboken

    Birch may be the new kid in town, but it’s certainly not behind when it comes to whipping up innovative and super Instagrammable treats. The milkshake lover’s bar is serving up a special Easter milkshake in honor of Peter Cotton Tail — complete with Peeps and other rainbow treats. Psst… Birch has a deal just for Hoboken Girl readers. Get the deal here.

    12. Sugar Suckle {Delivery/Custom Orders}


    via Sugar Suckle

    Don’t see the egg-act treat you’re looking for? Come to Sugar Suckle, where they’ll customize your order to your liking.

    13. Baking Mama {88 Hudson Street}


    via Baking Mama

    What says Easter more than Baking Mama’s colorful creations? Welcome the holiday and bring the sweet treat with some cheery macarons, cupcakes and more. The best part? You can save some cash through our deals guide. “Peep” it here!

    14. OM Sweet Home {Multiple Locations}


    via OM Sweet Home

    Just because you’ve got dietary restrictions doesn’t mean that you’re excluded from the sweet stuff. Nosh on some tasty treats that are vegan and gluten-free from OM Sweet Home that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

    15. Cocoa Bakery {275 Grand St. JC}


    Because cookies can be both delicious and adorable, Cocoa Bakery is whipping up these gorgeous tasties for this weekend’s Easter festivities. {And since it’s going to be beautiful out, you may want to sneak a few cookies for yourself on their outdoor patio!}

    Wherever you’re getting your sweets for this holiday weekend, have a happy one! And, of course, share your treats with us on IG @HobokenGirlBlog!

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    Meg is a twenty-something “old soul” and is known to leave {red} lipstick marks on her coffee mugs. She moved to Hoboken last year for a boy {a wonderful one at that} and has happily resided uptown since. When she’s not writing our weekly events guide, she’s a real estate agent and an amateur photographer. You can usually find Meg at a local coffee shop, a hot yoga studio, or home with her two cats, Penny Lane & Lucy. She loves a good glass of wine and cooking to her favorite band, The Beatles. Show this girl a sense of humor or recommend some good fiction and she’ll love you, dearly.


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