• 16 Handles Debuts New Artisan and Flavors at Hoboken Location {YUM}

    If you’re anything like me, you can probably relate to this post {13 Signs You’re Addicted to Fro Yo}. #oops.

    Last week I was invited to taste test some new delicious Artisan flavors at 16 Handles {Frozen Yogurt Shop} at Maxwell Place. The NEW Artisan Collection includes three new hand-picked flavors: Peach, Blackberry and Blood Orange Sorbetto. In addition, they have added new toppings to the already chock-full toppings bar: Apple Cider Pound Cake, Crispy Crispix, Brownie Butter Blondie, Coney Island Crunch, Banana Chips Foster, and Goji Granola.

    16 Handles 2

    Taste Testing the new peach artisan flavor — delicious!

    16 Handles Artisan Collection is an assortment of delicious self-serve frozen yogurt flavors and toppings thoughtfully crafted by culinary chefs and experts. The three new Fro-Yo flavors launched at the Hoboken 16 Handles July 11, 2013. Flavor profiles include:

    • – Fresh Peach: Swirled with sweet, juicy peaches ripe with flavor {this is my favorite — a light peach flavor}
    • – Blackberry: Fresh-picked blackberries blended with lemon zest {nice and light blackberry flavor}
    • – Blood Orange Sorbetto: Bursting with citrus flavor from imported blood oranges {citrusy & strong but yum!}


    In addition, the new chef-created toppings include:

    • – Apple Cider Pound Cake: Bite-sized pieces of apple pound cake with hints of cinnamon and cider glaze {Yum}
    • – Crispy Crispix: Crispix cereal amped up with caramelized sugar {OH MY GOD so good}
    • – Goji Granola: all natural granola with Chia, Goji Berries, and Pumpkin Seeds {Good, but a little too healthy for my fro yo liking}
    • – Brown Butter Blondie: A brownie minus the brown = a blondie. {Loved this as well}
    • Coney Island Crunch: Pretzels, graham crackers, corn nuts, sugar, and white chocolate mixed through. {DEEELISH}
    • – Banana Chips Foster: How can you go wrong with this? Banananana.
    16 Handles 1


    16 Handles 5

    Coney Island Crunch = I die.

    16 Handles 6

    Crispix…I love you.

    So what’d we get? Welp, here are our fantastic creations:

    16 Handles 3

    Tahitian Vanilla Artisan Flavor Fro Yo + Blackberry Fro Yo + Mangoes, Reece’s Cups, Blondies, etc.

    16 Handles 4

    Mine is on the left. Salted Caramel Fro Yo + Peach Fro Yo + Vanilla Fro Yo + MAJOR amounts of Crispix + cookie dough bites + sprinkles + some frosted Graham Crackers. TDF.

    Clearly more than a “sampling.”

    But as always, the best part about 16 Handles:

    16 Handles 7

    The view.

    Make sure to check out 16 Handles’ new flavors and toppings. So good!

    Word on the street is that they’re adding even more new flavors VERY soon…

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