• 8 Questions for Hoboken Resident and Author Christie Napurano

    Who is Princess Doe?

    That is the question that Christie Napurano, Hoboken author, asks of you.

    Christie recently sat down with HobokenGirl.com to discuss her newly released book,

    The Untold Story of Princess Doe.

    A little history on the eerie and true story of Princess Doe:

    Thirty years ago, the bludgeoned body of a teenage girl was found in a cemetery in the rural farm town of Blairstown, New Jersey. Her untimely death captured the hearts of the townspeople, who dubbed her “Princess Doe”, and kept the rest of the nation on the edge of their seats waiting for a resolution that never came. To date, the case is still open, and Princess Doe remains as nameless and faceless as the day she was found. Who was she? And how did she end up here? Based on one of the saddest unsolved crime stories in New Jersey’s history, “The Untold Story of Princess Doe” written by Napurano begins two years before the young girl’s untimely demise and discovery, creating a harrowing fictional account that gives a name and a story to a girl who has been anonymous for far too long.

     Each year, hundreds of young girls go missing and are unaccounted for. This heartbreaking story is just one of many.

    Nearly thirty years later, the question remains:

    Who is Princess Doe, and why has no one come forward to identify her?


    What was your inspiration for writing Princess Doe?

    I had always been fascinated by cold cases, and when I read the news articles in 2007 about the 25th anniversary of Princess Doe’s death (which was in my own hometown), I was absolutely fascinated by it. After two and a half decades, Princess Doe’s identity still had not been discovered.  I mean, how could it be possible that no one had ever claimed this girl or reported her missing? I was truly shocked that after all this time, law enforcement was no closer to giving Princess Doe a much-deserved identity. So I decided to create this fictional character, Julianne, and give her the life that she deserved.

    What was your goal in writing this book?

    I had two goals in mind for this book. I wanted to give Princess Doe a name and the life that never was uncovered. How could no one– not a teacher, friend, relative, neighbor–anyone not recognize her? Her story needed to be told. I also wanted to use the book as a tool to raise awareness for the case. There is so much that is left a mystery, and I wanted to shed some light on it. If I have written my book effectively, the story will stick with people, and they will in turn discuss it with their friends, family, neighbors, etc.   My ultimate hope is that finally the story will reach the right person….the person who has information leading to Princess Doe’s identity. 

    What was the hardest part about writing the book?

    I would have to say the hardest part was creating this character that I knew I was going to meet a very gruesome fate at the end of the book.  I became so wrapped up in giving her a name and a life — it almost didn’t seem fair that I had to then write her demise.  It took me months to perfect those last twenty or so pages, because I wanted to be sure I made them interesting and detailed, while still giving Julianne/Princess Doe the dignity that she deserves. 

    Now since you’re a newer Hoboken resident, I must ask some Hoboken-centric questions…How did you end up in Hoboken?

    After moving back from Los Angeles last May and living in the NJ suburbs for almost a year, I decided that I needed a little more excitement. Luckily the third bedroom in my friends’ apt had just opened up!  I had previously lived in Hoboken from 2006-2007 and absolutely loved the community vibe….from the bars/restaurants, to the shops, to the people….and I knew it was the perfect place for me to live right now.

    What would you say you like best about Hoboken?

    Being that I’m young and single, I love that Hoboken always has something to do any night of the week. It always has such a great, upbeat vibe. It’s also close to my family and the city.

    What’s your favorite restaurant/bar in Hoboken?

    I love the Turtle Club – they have a great selection of wines and beers. For sushi – Illuzion Cafe, and for pizza – Johnny Pepperoni’s.

    Of course I must ask — what is your favorite boutique in Hoboken?

    I love Townhouse. It’s the best – totally my style. Lots of color and adorable stuff there!

    I love Townhouse too! Now can I ask you – where can readers buy a copy of The Untold Story of Princess Doe?

    It’s sold right now on my website www.whoisprincessdoe.com and on amazon.com. It may also be in Barnes & Noble in the future. I’m also excited to announce that I will be on an episode of America’s Most Wanted [talking about Princess Doe] soon!


    HobokenGirl.com says: Being on a Law & Order SVU marathon kick recently, it’s been a nice TV break to read The Untold Story of Princess Doe. Finished it in just a few days – an absolute page turner! Christie delves into the history and gives life to Princess Doe [called Juliana] in this book. A fantastic read – definitely worth checking out – as well as so exciting to support a local author and a haunting, unsolved mystery.



    Christie Napurano, Author of The Untold Story of Princess Doe

     Christie Napurano is a newly published author and resident of Hoboken. Writing has always been a passion for her, and The Untold Story of Princess Doe is her first published novel. Previously, she majored in film at Syracuse and has also worked in fashion PR in Los Angeles.  Currently, she works as the Director of Media for US Gold Coins.

    Quite the impressive Hoboken girl!

    Make sure to follow the Facebook page and Princess Doe Twitter page for all of the updates on Christie’ book and head to www.whoisprincessdoe.com to get your copy of this eerie, haunting, and riveting story.


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