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  • Amazing Facials: EC Beauty Studio & Spa

    While I love a good exfoliating facial, I find that actually getting a good one is few and far between. I have been to a number of spas (that shall not be named) and found that their pricey facials were sub par and left me wanting more.

    photo 5

    Luckily, I stumbled across an amazing woman named Erica Cerpa. Erica is the owner of EC Beauty Studio & Spa in Hoboken which is located at 44 Hudson Place.

    When I set up my facial appointment with Erica, she wouldn’t let me pick which facial I wanted to do. Why, you might ask? Well, because Erica wanted to assess my skin first in person and THEN pick what she felt would be most beneficial to my epidermis. Yes, that’s skin.

    After our consult about my skin, Erica determined that I have dehydrated combination skin. Then, she tailored specific treatments for it.

    photo 3

    In my facial outfit – compliments of Erica. I loved that it was like a towel dress!

    Here’s a list of what Erica did during my facial:

    1. Cleaned my face with aloe (I had makeup on from the day).

    2. Exfoliated my face with honey & almond (she made it herself – 100% natural).

    3. Extractions (sucking out any whiteheads/blackheads, pores that are clogged…my absolute favorite part of a facial – sorry if I’m giving TMI).

    4. Massage with Rebalance (calming my skin down/adding steam, etc).

    5. High Frequency Pimple Zapper (it’s definitely not called this, but that’s what it was. I had a few blemishes on my face and they were zapped to kill any infection and quickly scabbed over and healed within a day or two – AMAZING!).

    6. Oxygen Mask (Erica pumped oxygen and moisture into my dehydrated skin via this gel mask. It was so cool because it actually peeled off in one piece and you could see my face’s imprint in the mask. So moisturizing and rejuvenating!).

    Overall, my facial was amazing. I would say it was the best one I’ve ever had. NOT KIDDING. I left with my skin glowing and feeling so moisturized, cleansed, and rejuvenated. Erica also sells some of the products she uses – such as the PCA Skin Rebalance pHaze and some of the hydrating syrums.

    photo 4

    Some of the products!

    Within a day or two, my skin was completely clear and still feeling amazing. I will definitely be back to visit Erica soon – she knows her stuff! Make sure to follow EC Beauty Studio and Spa on facebook and visit the EC Website for more information on their services. Besides facials, they do peels, airbrush tanning, makeup, waxing, and a ton of other pampering that is totally necessary once in a while!

    Have you been to EC Beauty Studio and Spa? What did you think?

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