• Before & After Pictures: Hoboken’s Clean Popo Cleans Up My Apartment

    I never knew how gross the corners of my apartment were until I got a lovely visit from the Clean Popo, a fabulously-run cleaning service that is based in Hoboken serving all of Hudson County. I’m a little bit embarrassed to add pictures to this post after seeing the dusty corners of my apartment found (and then resurrected), but it’s for the best.

    Welcome to my world…

    I have always considered myself a clean person, maybe a bit disorganized, but clean, nonetheless. I usually wipe down my counters, do my dishes on a bi-daily (is that a word? I mean every 2 days) basis, and hang my clothes if I get the time. However, Clean Popo’s maid service definitely proved me wrong. With my busy schedule, I thought that a deep cleaning (aka mopping my floors and vacuuming) once a month was a good schedule – but I was wrong. After walking through my apartment with the Clean Popo staff, I found dust balls that had been left untouched for the month (hey, it’s tough to reach under the couch!) and little crumbs I had missed on my stove, etc.

    For example, I had never vacuumed behind the closet door in the bedroom, and when Clean Popo came, look what we found:

    The Grossest Dustball You Will Ever See

    It gives me chills just thinking about what’s going on in that picture. Gah.

    Clean Popo spent a good two hours in my one bedroom (+ office) Hoboken railroad apartment last week, and my life has forever changed.  Since I was lucky enough to be able to schedule a cleaning with this top-notch Hoboken-based cleaning service provider (which offers a full-range of house and apartment cleaning, maid service, housekeeping, and office cleaning services), I figured I’d share some before & after photos with you.

    We’ll start with the before pictures. My apologies in advance – apparently my blog has taken a turn to yucky photo town lately. Here’s my messy place:

    A Bit of a Disorganized Living Room…Could Be Worse, No?

    My Bedroom.. You’d Think in My Mid-Twenties I’d Learn to Make My Bed.

    My Office – where SOME of the Blogging Magic Happens…but who are we kidding, it’s mostly from my couch or Starbucks

    My Boyfriend’s Footprints…

    Crumbs I’d Missed from Last Night’s Dinner

    Ok, I think that’s embarrassing enough. We’re not even going to show you my failed attempts at cleaning my shower. Now I’ll give you just a quick (and abbreviated) rundown of what the Clean Popo was able to accomplish, and then I’ll show you some after pictures. They:

    – Asked me if I wanted to use bleach/intense cleaning supplies or “green” cleaning supplies

    – Vacuumed my couches

    – Wiped and scrubbed my baseboards

    – Washed my windows, blinds, and they also dusted my curtains

    – Removed ALL of the mildew and residue out of my shower – now that takes a miracle!

    – Vacuumed, scrubbed, and polished my floors

    – Went under my couches and bed to get dustballs (they’ll be needing to come back soon because I’m definitely not stomaching this again myself, ew)

    – Made my Vinyl Kitchen Floor (my least favorite thing about my apt) spotless and shiny

    – Put on my newly washed white Duvet cover and made my bed. Thanks! I hate making my bed.

    -Dusted my DVD player and Friends DVD collections (I’m now feeling sad that my Friends DVDs hadn’t been watched in so long that they collected dust)

    – Had a fantastic attitude and great customer service (within 24 hours sent me a survey and asked how I liked the service. I liked it. A lot.)

    So here are some after the Clean Popo magic pictures.

    First Things First: Dustball be GONE!

    Ahh, my beautiful bedroom. How it should look 24/7.


    My Office. Still a little cluttered (but that’s my fault). Don’t mind the fingerprints on my computer.

    My Beautiful Shower…Post Clean. It looks amazing! I even bought a new shower curtain after being so inspired!

    Bathroom Floor Tiles…No More Boyfriend Feet.

    Spotless Stove!

    Living Room looking lovely. Thanks Clean Popo.

    Kitchen spotless – just the way I like it.

    So from now on, when I think clean, Hoboken’s Clean Popo comes to mind. Nick, Ves, & Ian started this company in 2010 after working in hospitality at a 5 star NYC hotel and the quality of service definitely shows. Clean Popo is now one of the fastest growing independent cleaning companies in Hoboken, and they provide a full range of services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Hudson County. Those services include brownstones, homes, apartments, common spaces and lobbies, and offices. They really do an amazing job striving for perfection, open communication with clients, and even inspiring you to keep your house cleaner!

    Truuust me, the dustballs will never be that bad again!

    The Wonderful Cleaning Gals of Clean Popo

    What’s even better: HobokenGirl.com is hosting a Clean Popo Giveaway next week – we will be offering TWO HOURS of FREE CLEANING (no purchase necessary!) to one lucky winner from Hudson County (yes, that means Jersey City, Weehawken, and other Hudson County readers outside of Hoboken can enter too!).

    Check HobokenGirl.com next week for more details on how to enter. You’ll feel just as good as I do right now in my clean, sparkly apartment!


    To schedule an estimate with Clean Popo, visit www.cleanpopo.com or call (201) 690-7030. Make sure to like them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter for some fun Hoboken updates as well as cleaning tips!





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