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  • The Best {Hoboken} Bars to Watch March Madness

    Chances are if you’re a sports fan, or have a significant other who is a sports fan, or work in an office where the word pool doesn’t mean swimming lessons—you’ve filled out a bracket {and are at least keeping track of a few of the wins and losses}. Regardless, watching games at home isn’t always as fun as the excitement of being in a bar. Luckily in Hoboken, you don’t have to go far to watch the games. With so many options to chose from in the Mile Square, you can definitely pick the type of ambiance you prefer. So—we’ve compiled a list of a common features sports bars offer to give you the best experience, and a few suggestions to check out. As an FYI: This list was vetted by more than a few avid sports fans.

    1. The Perfect View: Black Bear Bar & Grill {205 Washington Street}


    With 16 games on over a twelve hour span, a view of multiple TVs during the first day of March Madness is a necessity.  The perfect seat at a good sports bar means every game is within your line of sight. There is nothing worse than constantly having to turn your head or shift your seat around while watching the games. The wall behind the bar at Black Bear has more big screen TVs than you can count.  With every game imaginable on a single wall you won’t miss a minute of the action. Plus, we hear they’re offering some great giveaways and specials during the games.


    2. Craft Beers Galore: The Shepherd and the Knucklehead {1313 Willow Avenue}

    The Shep houses 60 taps, 23 HD TVs, and steaks + sandwiches = the ideal March Madness situation. The bar will be opening on Thursday + Friday at 12PM in honor of watching the games both this Thurs/Fri and next Thurs/Fri. Even if you’re situated downtown, a quick cab/Uber uptown is definitely worth the trek. For the weekend watchers {it’s okay if you decide to watch at work and then spend the weekend watching}, they also have prosecco buckets, a perfect complement to a delicious brunch.


    3. The Roar of the Crowd {& Music}: Wicked Wolf Tavern {120 Sinatra Drive}


    Some sports fans not only need to watch the game, but also like to listen to the telecast as well. Good sports bars will pump the game into their stereo system for everyone to hear over the noise of a crowded bar. The best sports bars have this technique down to science: the sound of the television when the game is on, and music during the commercial breaks. During NFL Sundays, and sometimes March Madness, Wicked Wolf Tavern has a DJ pumping tunes throughout the day, but only during the commercials, never during the action. Chance are we’ll find out this weekend.


    4. Bar Games: Finnegans {734 Willow Ave}


    Some fans like to enjoy a more leisurely approach to watching sports, and sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than catching the games while shooting pool or throwing darts with a group of friends. March Madness, football games, and especially baseball games can be a long and tedious affair—so playing your own sports can be an easy buffer {and help the boredom, if it gets that bad}.

    Finnegans has a back room with both darts and pool, and it is equipped with several flat screens. It’s also a bit off the beaten path, so not always super crowded which is great.


    5. Free Rides: Willie McBrides {616 Grand Street}

    willie mcbrides limo

    Stuck at home and don’t have money to splurge on a cab {I mean, it IS $6, and there IS Uber in Hoboken now, but whatever}? Willie McBrides often has a FREE limo ride in and around Hoboken. You just have to call the # to have it pick you up. Not bad, not bad at all. Plus, it has 18 Plasma TVs and a good amount of space in the back room – which is good for watching multiple games.


    6. A Loyal Fan Base: Mulligans {159 1st Street}


    There’s nothing more exhilarating (and awkward) than high-fiving a total stranger. This often happens when groups of like minded sports fans gather for a game and the beer is flowing.  With so many colleges and so many games, finding a bar for your Alma mater may be tricky, so you may have to scour through various social media outlets to find your school’s hangout.

    If you want to check out some of the most devoted sports fans around check out Mulligans on a Saturday morning for some Premier League Soccer {yes, we realize this is a post about March Madness, but we had to share}. Fans wear their team scarves and grab an early morning pint to cheer on their favorite club. European soccer fans love their team, and during the action they are fiercely focused on the game. One drawback— it’s an Eagles fan bar… we know, woof.

    No matter where you catch the games, it’s hard not to get caught up in some college hoops. The pep bands, the buzzer beaters, the goofy mascots, there is nothing like this time of year {plus, it’s getting warmer soon, we can only hope}.


    So, what’s your favorite place to watch the madness of march?

    PS: This is just a partial list, there are PLENTY of other great bars in town that we’ve yet to write about – coming soon!

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