• The 12 Best Vegan Food Spots in Jersey City

    Not long ago, the quest for vegetarian and vegan food in Jersey City and Hoboken was quite the undertaking. But in the last few years, the health-conscious, animal-conscious mindset of both residents and restaurant owners has drawn quite the array of vegan eateries into the area {or at least restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian options}. Since we know it’s a lot of work to scope them out, we’ve rounded up the best vegan food spots in Jersey City for you to enjoy:

    1. Subia’s Organic Health Market {506 Jersey Avenue}



    Notable favorites include the Subia’s burger, Garden Zen Tempeh sandwich and Philly Cheese Steak. Super healthy favorites include the raw salad, the raw wrap and the lentil soup {usually the soup of the day}. Everything served at Subia’s is organic, and they have the most amazing fresh juices and smoothies, including a cleansing juice selection. You can also purchase some unique items like my favorite vegan cheese, Miyoko’s Kitchen {the mozzarella is amazing} and purple Japanese yams {great for the skin!}.

    2. Tea NJ {262 Newark Avenue}


    Tea NJ is a family-owned vegan-friendly cafe boasting Vegan Treats, a world-famous vegan bakery from Bethlehem PA. Usually in stock are vegan cannolis {plain and chocolate covered}, chocolate peanut butter bomb cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, and vegan cheesecake. They also recently created a vegan menu that includes my favorite, The Liberty Burger, and vegan breakfast sandwiches. Vegan chili is often the soup of the day and is deliciously hearty. Tea NJ also has a great vegan brunch on the weekends that genuinely feels like home cooking — tofu egg scramble, vegan tempeh and vegan sausage with potatoes fill your plate and are just a few of the many yummy dishes they offer. After its namesake, Tea NJ also boasts an extensive tea menu which includes soy matcha lattes, lavender lattes and bubble teas.

    3. Petshop JC {193 Newark Avenue}

    pet shop jersey city vegan

    Almost everything on the menu at Petshop can be made vegan upon request. Crowd pleasers for both vegans and non-vegans include the Buffalo Cauliflower, Fried Green Tomato Sandwich, Bollywood Fries and the Pulled “Pork” Sandwich. Another mouthwatering vegan item to note — the impossible burger {pictured above}.

    4. Two Boots {133 Newark Avenue}



    Two Boots is a popular pizza joint in all of Manhattan known for their cornmeal crust and many vegan options. They always have the V For Vegan available by the slice, but other vegan choices must be purchased by the pie. My favorite is the vegan Larry Tate, a white pizza with spinach, tomatoes and garlic. 

    5. Porta {135 Newark Avenue} 



    Porta is a beautiful brick oven pizza venue with the best crust in town — originally hailing from Asbury Park {JC is their second location}. They usually have two vegan options available, switching them up seasonally. Right now, get your hands on the Snawzeech, a vegan sausage pie with broccoli rabe.

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    6. Third and Vine {353 3rd Street}



    Third and Vine is a secret locals spot that has some amazing vegan options. Even though it is primarily a wine and cheese spot serving the most decadent non-vegan cheeses, T&V houses the best homemade pickle dish {think purple cauliflower, garlic, parsnips, and carrots}, a very generous family-style olive dish and Pissaladiere, an amazing flatbread with caramelized onions and olives.

    7. Kitchen Step {500 Jersey Avenue}



    Kitchen Step has just a few but delicious vegan options on the menu {quality over quantity, never a bad thing}. Start with their marinated olives and candied almonds, and enjoy the main vegan dish — a miso-glazed portobello mushroom, ginger-scented carrot purée in a spicy coconut emulsion. SOOOO good. Happy hour is every weeknight from 5-7pm, so wash it all down with some $5 wine.

    8. Mathews {351 Grove Street}



    Mathews is a brand new vegan-friendly restaurant where vegan items are noted on the menu and many items can also be made vegan. Most noteworthy on the menu: the white bean puree and the 5-Bean Cassoulet.

    9. Orale {341 Grove Street}



    Orale is a stellar Mexican restaurant in the area, hands down one of the best in JC. Known for its frozen margaritas, Orale has not only a great beverage menu, but a unique modern twist on Mexican fare. They make their own seitan in house for their vegan tacos and offer numerous guacamole options — the serrano marmalade being my favorite {guacamole served with a dollop of spicy marmalade on top — t-d-f}. Celebrating Meatless Mondays, Orale also adds more vegetarian options to the menu on Mondays. Tip: Order the “vegetales” for an artisenal isplay of colorful vegetables.

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    10. Warehouse Cafe {140 Bay Street} 



    The Warehouse Cafe has the most amazing hummus toast and avocado toast, if you’re into toasts. The crunchy buttery bread is surprisingly vegan. This dish is served open faced and beautifully decorated with thinly sliced cucumbers and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

    11. Koro Koro {538 Jersey Avenue}



    Koro Koro is a rice ball spot in town serving Japanese-style rice with various fillings, wrapped in a nori sheet. Vegan options include The Indian {my favorite}, The Moroccan, The Umeboshi and The Mediterranean. This spot also has homemade miso soup chock full of squash, hearty and satisfying. They also almost always have a vegan soup of the day that will blow you away. Tip: Opt for the cucumber dill soup, a black bean soup, and a plantain soup. Koro Koro also has an amazing herbal detox tea on tap and carries vegan ice cream from popular local spot, Milk Sugar Love.

    12. The Cliff {38 Congress Street}

    The Cliff is continually adding more vegan items to their menu. Most notable is their vegan burger, which tastes more like meat than vegetables! Order it with their truffle shoestring fries, which are not only vegan, but the best in Jersey City! Other vegan items include their famous acai bowl {ask for it without bee pollen}, quinoa wrap {ask for it without feta}, kale salad and tofu scramble. If it’s a nice day out, make sure to eat in their adorable patio out back.

    What’s your favorite spot to grab a vegan meal in Jersey City? Share with us in the comments!

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    Jen Gonzalez is the owner/founder of Doody Free Girl, a colon hydrotherapy practice in downtown Jersey City. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jen graduated from the University of Miami, FL with a degree in business — but after discovering a passion for health and alternative wellness while working at her family's business, she realized how easy it is to lead an unhealthy lifestyle in today's corporate environment. Now, she works as a colon hydrotherapist and certified nutritional consultant. On Hoboken Girl, she'll be sharing all of the cool vegan/veggie/healthy options there are to discover in Jersey City.


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