• Brass Rail: Dinner and Cocktailing {Downtown}

    If you’re looking for a delicious meal in a cozy, upscale ambiance, then Brass Rail is your main squeeze. I attended a blogger dinner there recently, and it was quite delicious.

    Brass Rail 2

    Beautiful decor from the upstairs level

    The Brass Rail is located at 135 Washington Street on the corner of 2nd street. It is quite spacious and actually has not one–but TWO– levels (great for nights when Hoboken is quite crowded — you’ll probably be able to find seating — although it’s quite popular, so plan ahead…). The rich mahogany decor + tin ceiling on the first floor lead to a curved staircase which takes you to where we ate our meal. It feels a bit fancier (and quite intimate if you’re taking a date there).

    We started off the dinner with a white table wine that was quite refreshing — a mix of Muller, Riesling, and 2 other types of white– all in one bottle.

    Brass Rail 1

    Our dinner with a prix-fixe three course dinner (FYI: it’s $29 Prix-Fixe Dinner Everyday –all night Monday & Tuesday). Once we were seated upstairs, we began our meals with a Corn Soup: potato and bacon, chanterelle mushrooms — topped with truffle oil, and black truffle broth. It started out looking like this when served:

    Brass Rail 4

    And then, the waiters poured the soup on top. Because…at first, I was wondering, “Where’s my soup?” But, after it was poured, — well, YUM.

    Brass Rail 5

    Before & After soup situation. It was very, very good – creamy with lots of flavor, but not overpowering.

    Brass Rail paired our courses with various cocktails. Here was the corn soup compliment:

    Brass Rail 9

    A Cucumber Pear Vesper – so fresh and edgy. Quite light in flavor but with a delicious kick!

    Next on the menu was an Heirloom Tomato Salad: mozzarella spheres and emulsified herb oil. The mutz was very fresh and melt-in-your-mouth. Just how I like it.

    Brass Rail 7

    For our entrees, we were served seared scallops and braised veal. A fun spin on surf and turf, if you ask me. When I tasted the veal (and mind you, I usually don’t just order veal), I literally said, “Oh my god.’ It was just scrumptious — a delicate taste and tender texture. The scallops were nothing to scoff at either — seared scallops are one of my favorites. In fact— I’m making scallops for dinner tonight. Definitely won’t be up to par with Brass Rail’s deliciousness. This was paired with a B&B Manhattan cocktail — which I could only take a few sips of. So strong!

    For dessert, we were served Nutella Creme brûlée. Can you say Oh. My. God. It was absolutely exquisite. Brûléed nutella with freshly hand-whipped cream–also brûléed. So, if you go to the Brass Rail — if for nothing else, you MUST try this dessert. Utterly amazing. Who doesn’t love nutella and whipped cream with a little crunch?

    Brass Rail 11

    Of course our dessert was paired with an after-dinner aperitif. More like a white Russian! I could barely drink it since I was so filled with Nutella and my veal and scallop surf & turf (together that sounds gross — but believe me, I was in HEAVEN), however the sips I had were excellent.

     Brass Rail 6

    Having eaten here for brunch and dinner before, I must say the quality of food that Brass Rail serves is fresh (with lots of seasonal ingredients) — and quite elegant. The cuisine is creatively presented when served, but it doesn’t just look good — it also tastes great. They have an extensive wine list and cocktail bar which can be easily paired with any dish. But don’t take MY word for it…here are the menus for your perusing: BarPrix Fixe DinnerDinnerLunchBrunchDessert.

    Some fun Brass Rail perks: 

    • – Happy Hour Monday-Friday – 1/2 price draught beer and house wine
    • – You receive a discounted Bottle of wine with purchase of entree on Sunday & Monday nights
    • – The Brass Rail Weekend Brunch is from 11AM-3PM: $27 all you can drink including a brunch entree (prix-fixe for your entree $17 with 1 drink). See more about my Brass Rail brunch experience here. Totally worth it if you’re trying to get after it on a Saturday or Sunday Funday.

    I’m already craving the nutella dessert. Looks like I’ll be making a trip back VERY soon…


    Have you been to Brass Rail? What did you think?

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