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  • Brunch in the Boken: Diana’s Cafe on Jefferson Street

    My brunch buddy and I went here this weekend to try out something new and local. Diana’s is located at 506 Jefferson Street in a tiny little building on the right side (if you’re walking downtown). It’s hard to miss because there’s a big green awning around it that says “BREAKFAST.”

    When we walked in, I knew I loved this place. It has that casual, a bit quirky, hometown, family-run diner feel (with locals all around). We were able to sit right at the breakfast bar (where you can see them cooking the food) and grab a menu. I ordered a chamomile tea with honey, and my date ordered a yoohoo (he’s five). When we looked at the menu, I was ASTONISHED at the amazing prices! The menu is classic diner fare: American coffee, omelets, pancakes, french toast, sausage and eggs on a roll, chicken tenders, and more….all within the $3-$7 range.

    Since prices were so reasonable, we ordered a bunch of things to taste test:

    Grilled Cheese

    Tomato Basil Soup (the girls next to us had it and it looked and smelled delicious)

    A Spinach Omelet with Cheddar Cheese

    Pancakes (with Peanut Chunks + Bananas) these were delicious, except that my pet peeve (when they dont mix in bananas) happened. But I’ll let it slide…

    There was an extensive pancake menu – I’m excited to come back and try a few more types!


    All of the food was delicious. Pancakes were fluffy, soup was great, grilled cheese was nice and melted, omelet was tasty…we were happy and stuffed. Sometimes starting a Saturday off with a nice, hearty breakfast is the only way to go. The best part: our ENTIRE order (including drinks) was just a little over $16.50! How ridiculous is that! Usually that’s the price of one dish, or 1.5 mimosas. One drawback to the place – it’s cash only.


    While there are definitely some “classier” establishments in Hoboken, you won’t find anything more relaxed and interesting (you never know who is going to stroll in from the streets…). The ladies who are cooking and serving are friendly (unless they’re arguing with each other), and some were even singing along to the Christmas songs while making the food. I love an old school Hoboken diner feel, and no matter what anyone says – you can beat the prices!

    Have you ever been to Diana’s? What was your experience like?

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