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  • Far East Meets East Coast: Hoboken Wellness Spa

     When going for the spa experience, some like it big and fancy, and some like it small and intimate. I usually choose the latter; I’m partial to a more intimate spa place — for a massage, mani/pedi, facial, etc. So when I stumbled across the Hoboken Wellness Spa {at 450 7th Street}, I was excited to try it out.

    Hoboken Wellness Spa 1

    The Hoboken Wellness Spa specializes in Ayurvedic Treatments, which are popular in India and in other parts of the world. There are many aspects to such a treatment – balancing the doshas through an Ayurveda diet and corrective lifestyle, removing accumulated toxins (ama) and cleansing the body, relieving the body of all aches and pains — as well as providing relaxation through oil massages and therapies, etc. During my treatment — there was exfoliation and lots of oils. Regardless of your skin type {oily or not}, Mandeep, my esthetician, said that the oil is very good for your skin. There are a lot of different types of oils used based on your skin type and lifestyle. Note: I wouldn’t do this treatment if you’re planning on going out after — you will be super oily (and will need to sit with the treatment oil for 2 hours after leaving the spa for the oils to soak in and do their magic). So plan ahead!

    Hoboken Wellness Spa 2

    The waiting room of the Hoboken Wellness Spa is very cute and cozy — it’s in the basement level of the citadel — and unfortunately was quite flooded during Sandy. The place has really come back to life, however, and the Hoboken Wellness Spa has recently reopened for business.

    Hoboken Wellness Spa 3

    Handmade Body Scrub for sale at the Hoboken Wellness Spa

    Besides doing Ayurvedic treatments, the Hoboken Wellness Spa does waxing and threading {$6 EYEBROW THREADING!! – appointment only though} — as well as other treatments like ear candling. I opted for an ear candling treatment. If you’ve never heard of ear candling, it is an an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other in the ear canal. Like so:

    Hoboken Wellness Spa 4

    My ear candling.

    Yes, I snapped a pic of getting my ear candled. And no, you won’t see what came out of it — let’s just say I couldn’t BELIEVE it. It basically sucks the wax out of your ears. You’ll have to take my word for it — or try it yourself! I enjoyed my visit to the Hoboken Wellness Spa — the ladies are very sweet and are bringing a unique twist of spa treatments to midtown Hoboken! I left feeling very, very relaxed.

    Have you been to the Hoboken Wellness Spa? How did you like it?

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