• Girly Drinks: A Blood Orange Cosmo from Sushi Lounge

    I love me a girly drank from time to time. I also love blood oranges. I think it’s because you’re expecting a regular, boring orange as you’re opening it, but instead you get a red citrus inside with a flavor — that is extremely sweet. So when I opened the drink menu at the Hoboken Sushi Lounge, it pretty much spoke right to me.

    blood orange cosmo

    It was a strong drink, but still had a nice citrus-y flavor to it. Not to mention the sushi I ordered was very good. I ordered the
    Nuclear (shrimp, cucumber, avocado) and a sweet potato roll.

    Some of the dishes from my dinner excursion with some ladies:


    It was a nice ambiance (low lights, relaxed but beat-worthy music). Even though it’s a chain (well, it has a few locations – which is probably a good thing, yes?), it has pretty decent fish. And I know that on Thursdays, the Sushi Lounge does a happy hour from 3:30-6:30… I’d recommend checking it out! Totes a girls night out or date night spot. Loves it.

    Have you been to Sushi Lounge? How did you like it?

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