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  • Sweating Green: Green Day Burn at Work-It-Out {A Fitness Boutique}

    On St. Patrick’s Day, I participated in WiO’s Green Day Burn. Having just come from a personal training session at Iron Plate Studios the day before, I was really nervous that I’d leave crippled with muscle pain. Well, boy was I right (in a good way) — the St. Patrick’s Day Burn was LEGIT!

    photo 1

    If you’re never been to Work It Out for a class, you’re missing out. It’s awesome. I mean, who has a “locker room” that looks like this anywhere else in Hoboken?

    photo 2

    Most gorgeous locker room…ever.

    They also have a beautiful bathroom… I couldn’t resist a little selfie just to show you the zen-like experience even in the bathroom. I mean, who has candles lit in the bathroom AND the locker room at their gym (with flowers and pebbles filling the sink). Yeah. Didn’t think 3

    Little bit of cactus and candles in the bathroom. It makes my apartment’s bathroom look like a dump, really.

    Of course, the gym was decked out for the holiday. We all got to wear bracelets for our workout, and the tunes were mostly Irish or green-infused and inspired songs (think: Green Day, U2, etc). It was lots of fun, and honestly, it was hard not to smile throughout the workout with the music that was playing (even though I was panting like a dog and sweating profusely).

    photo 4

    Our party favors

    As far as exercise goes, participants did interval training, sprints, spinning, and a host of other fat-burning exercises (including burpees — which are so hard to do but oh so good for your bod). Here’s a pic of some of the girls in action:

    photo 4-3

    Green Day Burners working hard!

    Β Β  It was also quite entertaining to realize that the instructors grouped us by height (leprechaun style) – I was with the shorties (below, right). Figures.

    talls and smalls green day

    Kara & Ashley in the middle!

    photo 1-5

    Our fabulous instructors Kara & Ashley plus Kelly of WiO & Lynda of Healthy Hoboken Girl who made scrumptious kale juice and some avocado wheat bread as a post-workout snack. Make sure to check out Lynda’s healthy living blog – it’s awesome!

    photo 5-2

    Avocado wheat bread

    And here we are, taking “shots” of delicious green kale juice post-workout. I mean, it is St. Patrick’s Day after all…you have to take some sort of shot (even if it is 100% organic).

    green shots of kale

    Shots Shots Shots (and me repping my white Townhouse Tee!)

    The best part? Need some gum or a hair tie for your workout? WiO’s got it covered.

    photo 1-1

    Make sure to visit WiO for a fabulous workout (and zen-like exercise experience). You won’t regret it. I truly loved my time there – even with a short attention span for exercise, the 90 minute burn felt great and held my attention (and endurance) the whole time. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend part of my St. Patrick’s Day. A++!

    Have you been to WiO? What was your experience like?


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