• Hoboken Fashion Finds: Sequins and Studs Galore

    It’s not just for New Years Eve: sequins and studs, studs and sequins! Lots of it.

    While walking around the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival on Sunday, I was lucky enough to pop into some of my favorite Hoboken boutiques to see some of the new styles and merch that has come in!

    Here are some of my sequin and studded finds:

     Amazing silver sequined party dress at Townhouse 620. They also have it in black with gold sequins! I think I like this one better though. Have you seen it?

    Gorgeous poppy red studded clutch from Iconic Fashion Lounge. It’s definitely not for the timid, but you’re bound to make a splash with this bag. Love it.

    Studded collar of a taupe button down at Dear Hannah.

    Bold black & gold sequined crop top from Ruby and Jenna.

    Studs are probably my favorite of these two trends, and I’m actually surprised at myself because my style is relatively girly and classic (with a touch of trendy). I guess my affinity for studs is a sign that I need some pizazz in my style. I’m loving studs on jackets and blazer collars lately, as well as a bit on the sleeves of shirts. However, if you are like me and are a little cautious about how “trendy” studs are, take baby steps. Try a pair of studded heels flats with studs on the toe…or a studded clutch like the one from Iconic. Slow and steady…

    Or, if you’re into sequins, try something with just a bit of detailing on the collar or sleeves. Don’t go all out right away. It’s perfectly acceptable to take just a little bit of a trend for your liking, and full head-to-toe sequined dresses are usually too much in my book anyway. An all out sequin or studded binge might be a bit much for the faint at heart.

    Hopefully some of the above Hoboken boutiques can help you accessorize without having to fully embrace the trend if you’re scared (but don’t be!).

    Have you been wearing studs or sequins? Which do you like better? Would love to hear about it! Make sure to tweet me pics!

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    Jen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of HobokenGirl.com. She started the site to discover the wealth of fun things happening in Hoboken and Jersey City and surrounding Hudson County areas. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or #HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she can usually be found shopping at local boutiques, eating an Insta-worthy meal, walking her French bulldog Pierre + rescue pup Finn, or watching some really bad {but oh-so-good} reality TV and ordering takeout with her husband.

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