• Hoboken Girl of the Week: Jacquelyn of Eventfully, Jacquelyn {Event Planner}

    To my Hoboken girls who are soon-to-be brides…but need a little help in the planning department — listen up!  The Hoboken Girl of the Week has you covered. Enter Jacquelyn Mavrookas:

    To create a successful event, your guests should be enticed from the moment they receive the invitation. From the cocktails to dancing and down to the last laugh…every detail of an event planned by Jacquelyn will be fine-crafted to perfection. Whether you wish to create a spectacular wedding weekend, a black tie dinner, or an intimate celebration at your home, Eventfully, Jacquelyn will create an experience of a lifetime, one that allows you to become a guest at your own party and one that will create everlasting memories & cherished moments for you and your guests.


    Eventfully, Jacquelyn is an event planning business which embodies the spirit of its founder Jacquelyn Mavrookas. Inspired by a loving & caring spirit, Jacquelyn plans events while sharing vicariously through her client’s happiness and places great emphasis on creating intimate experiences. Her kind, generous nature pervades every event she touches. Her thoughtful & bountiful suggestions will have you thinking she has known you her whole life…and she takes the worry out of planning while transforming your ideas into an organized opportunity for celebrating life!


    Jacquelyn of Eventfully, Jacquelyn

    Like always, we MUST ask the famous #HobokenGirl of the Week Q’s:

    1) What is your favorite restaurant in Hoboken?


    I have 2 favorite restaurants & I just couldn’t pick one…


    La Isla is my favorite restaurant in Hoboken. The combination of festive decor, energetic music & friendly staff (you must ask for Ernesto) will have you believing you traveled to Havana. The yellow rice & black beans are so good they should be illegal, the roasted chicken is delish & the tres leches is beyond heavenly…oh, I can’t forget to mention their famous iced cafe con leche…YUM!


    When you call Amanda’s hopefully Jonathan will be the one to answer the phone in his super friendly & welcoming voice, which let’s face it, really does set the tone for a wonderful evening. The atmosphere is romantic, warm & charming with the waiters dressed in bow ties. The ultimate pasta experience (you will thank me, I promise) is Amanda’s Farfalle with forest mushrooms with sautéed greens & scallion sauce.


    2) What is your favorite boutique?

    The Factory Boutique has the cutest designs in town. They have the best dresses, tops & accessories that are quality made at amazing prices. I also absolutely love Viola Vita for incredible Italian leather jackets, bags & boots.


    3) What is your favorite thing about Hoboken?


    My favorite thing about Hoboken is that it has all of the conveniences of a big city with the charm & quaintness of a small town.


    4) What is your favorite thing to do in Hoboken?

    My favorite thing to do in Hoboken is to just walk around…I meet fascinating people, shop at incredible stores & eat amazing food. Next time you are walking around check out Beethoven’s Veranda (10th St. btwn Wash & Bloom) …it’s one of my favorite shops in town. The owner Billy is so sweet & talented, his floral arrangements are out of this world!


    5) How long have you lived in Hoboken?


    I have lived in Hoboken for 4 years and am loving every second.


    6) What is your favorite outdoor place to hang out in Hoboken?

    Frank Sinatra Park. I hang there in the mornings with my coffee & people watch as the masses commute to work & stroll there after dinner to see the city lit up at night (looks amazing now with the Freedom Tower almost done). I take free yoga classes & watch movies under the stars there too!

    7) Where do you go out in Hoboken?


    I have to give McSwiggan’s the first shout out on the list of many. I met my amazing boyfriend at McSwiggan’s, I live on the same block as McSwiggan’s & on many occasions have sat at the bar talking to Brendan (the best bartender in town) for hours at a time discussing very personal topics! I of course love Madison’s, City Bistro, Little Town, Elysian & well, if anybody has ever eaten the delicious sushi at Robongi they know that on a Friday or Saturday night it feels like the hottest club in town!

    …Now a few more Q’s:

    What inspired your business?


    First of all, what girl doesn’t love flowers, dresses, make-up, hair, dancing & love itself? I always knew that my dream was to make other peoples dreams come true. Every wedding I plan feels like my own, I build genuine friendships with the couple, their family & friends & I cry as I watch the couple join their lives…that’s when I know that being a wedding planner is exactly what I am supposed to be. The idea for Eventfully, Jacquelyn was brought to life within the confines of my corporate cubicle at American Express. The fear of living a life regulated by 9-5 hours & yearly performance reviews motivated me to nurture & acknowledge my entrepreneurial spirit. Advice from a successful female entrepenuer inspired my strategy for action. Simply, the goal was to complete 1 task, no matter how big or small each day & in 1 years time I will have moved 365 steps closer to fulfilling my dreams of launching Eventfully, Jacquelyn. Recognizing my inherent abilities of being socially engaged, creative as well as organized, coupled with my family history in the service & hospitality industry has allowed Eventfully, Jacquelyn to flourish into a thriving business!

    On a personal level, I have met Jacquelyn several times — and she is nothing but a peach! She is so sweet, friendly, open, and flexible = the perfect person to help plan a wedding. I only hope that when my guy pops the question (depending on the type of wedding we have), we can hire her!

    Stay tuned for Part 2 from Jacquelyn: Tips on Throwing the Perfect Party.


    website: www.eventfullyjacquelyn.com

     e-mail: eventfullyjacquelyn@gmail.com

     Facebook: Facebook.com/EventfullyJacquelyn

     Phone: 561-400-2731


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    Jen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of HobokenGirl.com. She started the site to discover the wealth of fun things happening in Hoboken and Jersey City and surrounding Hudson County areas. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or #HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she can usually be found shopping at local boutiques, eating an Insta-worthy meal, walking her French bulldog Pierre + rescue pup Finn, or watching some really bad {but oh-so-good} reality TV and ordering takeout with her husband.


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