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  • Hoboken Girl of the Week: Jenna Drew {Miss New Jersey International}

    Jenna Drew was recently was crowned Miss New Jersey International 2013 while representing Hoboken in the platform based pageant held in East Brunswick, NJ.  So exciting!


    This fabulous femme will spend her year as Miss New Jersey International promoting her platform, Celiac Disease Awareness.  One in 133 people have Celiac Disease which is an autoimmune disorder where a person is unable to digest a protein called gluten.  Gluten is in wheat, rye ,and barley, as well as commonly found in foods like pizza, pastas, cookies, cakes and other processed foods.  As Miss New Jersey International, Jenna will work to raise awareness for Celiac Disease because living with non-diagnosed Celiac Disease can lead to other autoimmune disorders, infertility, cancer and other health issues. Such a great cause!

    From July 22 to 28th, Jenna will compete for the title of Miss International in Chicago, IL.  From previous awareness events and volunteer work, she was named a Celiac Awareness All-Star by the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness for her efforts to raise awareness for Celiac Disease.

    Photo Credit: Richard Krauss

    Photo Credit: Richard Krauss

    We had 6 burning questions for this accomplished lady. All Hoboken-centric, of course:

    1. Favorite Hoboken Restaurant?
    Bin 14 – they are one of the select few restaurants that have a gluten free menu and even offer gluten free pizza.

    2. Favorite Hoboken Boutique?
    Ruby and Jenna – the name caught my interest right away, so I stopped in.  Now it’s my go to store for summer dresses and accessories!

    3. Favorite Hoboken Hangout?
    Pier C Park – I feel spoiled working right across the street from the Pier C Park. It’s the perfect oasis for enjoying my lunch outside on Summer days, catching a spectacular view of New York City and even a romantic backdrop for a riverside stroll!

    4. Favorite Place to Go Out in Hoboken?

    Texas Arizona – I hear the owner is a Steelers fan as well as a fellow Penn State alumnus.

    5. What do you love most about Hoboken?

    One of the best qualities of Hoboken is the small town, friendly feeling you get right next to the big city.

    6. Advice for fellow Hoboken girls?

    It’s ok to have Ben & Jerry’s and fro yo at Mon Cheri in the same day!


    Couldn’t agree more about #s 5 & 6! Wishing Jenna the best of luck in her endeavors in the national pageant! xo


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