• Hoboken Sushi Files: My Top 5 Fave Robongi Rolls

    Yes, I’m that girl who takes pictures of her sushi. Deal with it.

    It’s no secret if you follow me on twitter that I just looove sushi. I’m not a big fish person, but there’s something about sushi rolls that I just can’t live without. Maybe it’s the bite-sized pieces, the eye-watering wasabi, freshly cut ginger, or maybe that you can taste test others’ rolls while not having to share germs….or because I love to order takeout sushi when I’m lazy.

    One of my fave sushi spots in Hoboken is Robongi at 520 Washington Street. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s byob, or maybe it’s because you feel like you’re walking into a fisherman’s wharf (in a good way) when you step inside, but either way – I can’t get enough! I would pretty much say that on a weekly basis, at least 2 of my meals consist of Robongi.

    Here are some of the tried and true rolls I’d recommend:

    #1: The Sweet Potato Roll

    I could eat this all day err’ day, and as you can tell – sometimes my friends and I order just straight sweet potato rolls. I must say that Robongi’s sweet potato roll is the best in town. It’s perfectly assembled with a bit of crunchy flakes inside, and oh-so-delicious. I’ve even gotten my friends who aren’t sushi lovers to try this (and love it!).

    #2: The Rock & Roll Specialty Roll

    This one I tried recently and found it to be utterly amazing! Melt-in-your mouth sushi if there’s such a thing. It’s a mix of deep fried tuna, salmon, kani, and scallions.

    #3: The Salmon Avocado Roll

    This is my go-to roll. It’s got lots of protein due to the salmon/avocado combo, and I just love switching the white rice roll to brown rice for a truly healthy little dinner! In the picture above, it’s combined with a sweet potato roll (obviously). So good!

    #4: The Shrimp Tempura Roll

    This is a nice crunchy mix of deep fried shrimp with lettuce, cucumber, and outside tobiko. I like the crunch, so sometimes I splurge on the deep fried fish (plus sometimes I don’t know how much raw fish is good for the stomach…). It’s yummy.

    #5: The Cucumber Roll (dipped in ginger dressing)!

    Now you might think this is kind of boring, but if you dip this bad boy in ginger dressing (which comes with the house salad), it is so refreshing and delicious. Enjoy!

    *If you’re a big fish/sashimi lover: you might like the Crazy Horse: tuna, salmon, yellow tail, scallion, and avocado. It was a little too much fish for me, but my friend who is a big sashimi lover loved it!

    Robongi has a great vibe, and the fish is always fresh, which is super important. I will say, it is quite loud inside when it gets to be dinnertime (it’s tough to have a conversation), so make sure you’re aware of that if you’re trying to have a seriously romantic and in-depth dinner convo. Regardless, it’s a fantastic restaurant, which is also conveniently BYOB!

    Just in case you’re a sushi novice, tere’s this sushi etiquette that I came across recently (that you should totally follow):


    Where is your favorite sushi spot? What is your go-to roll?

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