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  • Local Barre: Hoboken Workout Experience

    When you say you’re headed to happy hour at the Local Barre in Hoboken, most won’t question why you’re in Lululemon pants and a sweat band while heading to the bar. But, on the off-chance that you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, please—read on:


    Local Barre

    The Local Barre is a series of barre class fitness studios that has quickly become all the rage in Hoboken {among women of all ages}. It’s a combination yoga/ballet/pilates that is not your average workout. It looks pretty do-able from the outside, and then you get into class and …ouch. I considered myself in okay shape, but my first class left me super sore and shaky muscles all over the place. Not saying I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it — but it definitely surprised me! You won’t sweat thaaat much, but your muscles will burn and beg you to stop. Don’t stop — push through!

    Local Barre 3

    From what I’ve seen uptown and downtown, the space is always clean and quite neat. Sign-in is easy, and word on the street is that it’s never too difficult to get into the classes that you want to take…and they have a mobile app! Also, starting this week, there will be THREE locations in Hoboken to choose from –Uptown, Downtown, and a Pop-Up location West (aka the Monroe Center). So exciting!

    Local Barre 5

    The decor of the uptown location is fun – a dark combination of fun bottles {think: local BAR} and wood plus chalkboard signage with a totally modern fusion. Very different from your average workout studio. They have showers and lockers for everyone’s use as well.

    Local Barre 6

    Although Local Barre sells socks for those trying out classes to use, for the more “regulars,” they offer beautiful (and pretty stylish) barre shoes. Why would I need these? …you might ask. Well, most of the exercises require you to be planking, stretching, and moving around on the floor — if your socks are slippery, you’d be falling all over the place and looking pretty silly {oh wait, I did that anyway}.

    Local Barre 7

    Another BIG FYI: Local Barre is also a Blue Print cleanse dropoff location. If you haven’t tried Blue Print Cleanse, check out my experience here.

    So, on to the workout, here are my thoughts and experiences (and then read below for how to enter the giveaway!)—

    • – Open Barre consists of 60 minute classes with lots of core work and a bit of light weights.
    • – The schedule is quite accommodating; when I went to sign up — there was basically one class per hour that I could schedule myself for. 3:15…4:15…5:15…6:15…etc.
    • – The instructors are great. They monitor your movements so that you’re getting the best and most efficient workout (but without calling you out in front of the whole class). They even wear microphones so you can hear them.
    • – You can work to your level without any pressure – there are 3 different levels to work to, 1, 2, or 3 (3 being the most difficult).
    • – If you are pregnant, Local Barre is a great workout (the instructors even give a “pregnancy” level which is not stressful on the baby or your bump).
    • – I love that even while you are working yourself to the point where your muscles are shaking and you’re dying to stop, you are still being graceful.
    • – Even though some people don’t say they sweat too much during classes, I was sweating a LOT.
    • – So many of the veteran barre goers look AMAZING. I mean, if the instructors look this toned and good, it HAS to be working!

    Local Barre 2

    Like I said, one of the very exciting things about the increasingly popular Local Barre is that it is opening a THIRD location in Hoboken – “Local Barre West.” Starting this month, there’s a pop-up studio in the Monroe Center until early 2014 when their official West side of town location is ready to go. Word on the street is that it will get your wheels spinning, hint hint.

    The BEST part is that we are doing a giveaway with Local Barre in celebration of their 3rd POP-UP location opening! The winner will receive 1 month of UNLIMITED CLASSES (at any location).

    How to enter (4 Easy Steps):

    1. Like Local Barre on Facebook (or Follow on Twitter!)

    2. Like Hoboken Girl on Facebook (or Follow on Twitter)

    3. Share this post (on Facebook and/or Twitter)

    4. Comment below with your name and how you entered (via FB or Twitter) by Friday, September 13th at 11:59!

    *No purchase necessary. Winner will be announced after September 14th (chosen at random).

    GOOD LUCK! {Please note: giveaway closed} – to enter the HG Lifestyle Giveaway, please click here.

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