• 6 Hoboken Spots for Locally-Made Halloween Candy and Sweets

    If you’re like me {a girl constantly craving sugar} then this weekend marks one of the best times of the year… Halloween! While we’ll be stocking up on Halloween candy for weeks to come, let’s not forget about all of our other options for when our sweet tooth takes over. Here are a few of our favorite spots for some Halloween candy {and sweets!} goodness. Because there’s only so much CVS-bought candy corn that a body can take…

    Lepore’s Homemade Chocolates {105 4th Street}


    This Hoboken landmark has been serving homemade chocolates in the mile square and beyond for over 30 years, specializing in custom made chocolates, gift baskets, towers and more. Not only are they known for their great-tasting chocolates, they also specialize in mastering out-of-the-box personalized chocolate creations. From chocolate covered fruits to a 10 pound chocolate cornucopia filled with chocolates, these guys know what they’re doing.


    Baking Mama {88 Hudson Street}


    Created by a local Hoboken mom, Tina Rivera {who has a son at Stevens Institute}, this bake shop is just too cute. One of Tina’s big sellers is her macaroon selection: salted caramel, lemon, maple bacon, and pistachio are just a *few* of the delicious ones that can grace your lips {read: knock your socks off}. She also makes cake balls {chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla}, and cupcakes and meringues [see the full list here]. But seriously, can we just get back to the maple bacon macaroons? O.M.G. they are so. good.

    Insomnia Cookies {44 Hudson Street}


    Okay — so technically not local {although Insomnia was started by a college student who felt the need for warm cookie delivery in the middle of the night = soul sista}, but we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t been to Insomnia Cookie four times since they opened in Hoboken {a week ago – yes, #judgeaway}. What more could you want from a cookie shop then warm, on-demand cookies available to you basically at all hours of the day and night?! Either stick with the traditional cookies or go bold and throw one of their delicious ice cream flavors in the middle of two cookies for what I would consider the best of both worlds. While it’s impossible to pick just one favorite flavor (luckily they offer boxes that hold at least six), I’d have to say my favorite so far is the snickerdoodle… and the double chocolate chunk… Okay and the sugar cookie.

    Schnackenberg’s Luncheonette {1110 Washington Street}


    When you hear ‘luncheonette’ you don’t normally think of a sweets — but that’s only because you haven’t stopped by this Hoboken staple yet! Along with their traditional diner style menu, Schnackenberg’s has truly owned the doughnut space in the mile square since opening their doors in 1931. Freshly made every morning, these bad boys are not your average doughnuts and it’s no wonder why they’re quick to sell out at the crack of dawn! However, if doughnuts aren’t your thing, you’re still in luck… their homemade chocolates are just one of the many reasons why we love them SO much!

    Love & Yogurt {54 Newark Street}

    fro yo love and yogurt

    If you have a hard time picking just ONE dessert {who really has just one though}, then fro yo shops have probably been on your radar for a while now. Imagine… you can fill your OWN cup of how ever many flavors of frozen yogurt and then pile on AS MANY toppings as you want, including UNLIMITED candy options?! SAY NO MORE. Our favorite part about Love & Yogurt is testing out the flavors first… because, well, who doesn’t love free samples?

    Hudson Cakery {1816 Willow Ave, Weehawken}


    While they’re not actually located in Hoboken, and it would be a crime to not include them in this list — Head Pastry Chef and Owner Jennifer Bruce is actually a Hoboken resident herself. This upscale custom cake boutique specializes in modern designs that are all about flavor! Whether you’re looking for a personalized wedding cake or a quick treat on your way home, they have exactly what you’re looking for. Before Halloween’s over, be sure to pick up their pumpkin cake balls and ghost pops that are OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD.


    Let us know your favorite Halloween treats in the comments below!

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    Daria moved to Hoboken with two of her best friends and considers it to be the best decision she’s ever made. As a total foodie, Daria has made it her mission to try every restaurant in Hoboken, and beyond. Having a Dad as a chef, (imagine three-course meals every night) she says that her love for food is basically in her DNA. At this point, anyone who knows her already understands that they automatically have to offer her a bite (or two) of whatever they’re eating. When she’s not eating or researching the menus of new restaurants, you can find her either running along the waterfront, taking a stroll along Washington St. or working in the city as a publicist.

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