• Mile Square Theatre’s {Betrayal} Is a Must-See

    Hoboken’s Mile Square Theatre only opened its uptown doors last April, but it’s already on its ninth production. With dreams of bringing art and culture to Hudson County, the creative team at Mile Square Theatre is working hard to produce live theater year round — and the hard work is paying off with rave reviews of MST’s most recent production, Betrayal {running now through April 23rd}. The intimate theatre is tucked away on Clinton Street and is truly one of Hoboken’s true gems. From the cozy lobby with beautiful artwork adorning the walls to the extremely pleasant staff, visiting the Mile Square Theatre is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Here’s a bit more about our trip to the theatre last week.

    Betrayal is written by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter, known for his sparse language, dramatically long pauses, and even silence in his scripts, giving his work a naturalistic feel. This particular story follows three long time friends Jerry, Robert, and Emma, starting in the spring of 1977 and ending in the winter of 1968. Betrayal details how these people fall in and out of love with each other — and the damage done by each of their indiscretions. It’s an emotional journey, taking the audience back in time to the origins of an extramarital affair. Despite knowing how Emma and Jerry’s affair ends from the very first scene, Betrayal still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entirety of both acts, as you watch the story unravel to discover how it all started.

    Dena Tyler and Aidan Redmond in MST’s production of Betrayal. Directed by Chris O’Connor. Photo by Joe Epstein.


    Chris O’Connor, MST’s founder and Artistic Director, definitely isn’t shying away from challenging work. His bold choices pay off in large, due partly to the talented cast of actors. Aidan Redmond, Dena Tyler, and Matthew Lawler give natural, poignant performances that completely enrapture the audience. Each actor had their moment to make the audience laugh out loud, and pull at their heartstrings. Their captivating performances make you feel as though you’re getting a directly inserted into the lives of Jerry, Robert, and Emma, instead of just watching a couple of actors on a stage. Redmond, Tyler, and Lawler are certainly the highlight of this MST production.

    Matthew Lawler, Dena Tyler, and Aidan Redmond in MST’s production of Betrayal. Directed by Chris O’Connor. Photo by Joe Epstein.


    The theatre is an intimate space, but MST uses this smaller space to their advantage because the audience is so close to the action unfolding on stage. You’re able to see the actors’ nuanced expressions throughout the production, which adds yet another emotional layer to their performances. The theatre seats about 110 people in a warm, comfortable auditorium.

    Matthew Lawler, Josh Jacobson, and Aidan Redmond in MST’s production of Betrayal. Directed by Chris O’Connor. Photo by Joe Epstein.


    You can grab a glass of wine to enjoy during Betrayal for an affordable $4 out in the lobby. Water is also available for just $1 and the coat check is free. We like to be objective theatergoers here, but there’s really not much that’s bad to say about MST and their production of Betrayal. We’d binge watch it if it were a Netflix series, just sayin’. It’s a great option for a night out with your girlfriends or a nice date night. Tickets are available now on Mile Square Theatre’s website for $30 and the show will be running every weekend until April 23rd. This one is definitely worth checking out.

    Dena Tyler and Aidan Redmond in MST’s production of Betrayal. Directed by Chris O’Connor. Photo by Joe Epstein.


    Did you see Betrayal? What did you think?

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