• Sh*t Hoboken Girls Never Say


    I’m jumping on the bandwagon of Sh*t Nobody Says with a special edition:

    Sh*t Hoboken Girls Never Say

    1. I hope the Manzo brothers aren’t there.

    2. Forget brunch, let’s get up early and go to breakfast.

    3. Hoboken is so far away from the city.

    4. I love the lines at Carlo’s Bakery.

    5. My landlord is definitely not in the mafia.

    6. Let’s hang out at Stevens Institute tonight. They have the best parties.

    7. The mice in my apartment are so cute.

    8. There are no nail salons near my apartment.

    9. Coming the Lincoln Tunnel way will be faster.

    10. There is never a line at Green Rock.

    11. There are no guys at the Village Pourhouse.

    12. I love my 4th floor walk-up!

    13. Everyone is so good at picking up their dog’s poop.

    14. I can’t find a realtor in Hoboken.

    15. There aren’t enough guidos at this bar.

    16. I know exactly where the library is.

    17. It’s supposed to rain tonight. Good thing I parked by Shoprite.

    18. NY Sports Club is so cheap and never crowded.

    19. You’ll find parking right outside my building.

    20. I’m not doing a share in Manasquan this summer, no one’s going.

    21. My king size bed fits so well in this room!

    22. Don’t worry about parking in a residential spot; the parking authority is pretty relaxed. You’ll never get a ticket.

    23. I just bought a Louis Vuitton that no one else has.

    24. I can’t wait for my street to be closed down to remove snow.

    25. Let’s live uptown. It’s where all the single people are.

    26. What a terrible view of NYC.

    27. I always make sure to watch the entire St. Patty’s Day parade.

    28. My friends from the city love coming to Hoboken.

    29. The mozz here is awful.

    30. Let’s go out in Jersey City.

    … Can I get a number 31?

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    Jen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of HobokenGirl.com. She started the site to discover the wealth of fun things happening in Hoboken and Jersey City and surrounding Hudson County areas. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or #HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she can usually be found shopping at local boutiques, eating an Insta-worthy meal, walking her French bulldog Pierre + rescue pup Finn, or watching some really bad {but oh-so-good} reality TV and ordering takeout with her husband.

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