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  • Solares & Pleasant Road Spa, Where Art Thou?

    It has been amazing seeing the recovery in Hoboken as far as small businesses go. While unfortunately some places have closed, tons of places have reopened since the devastating hurricane in our little city.

    Image via Greg Sheehan

    Hurricane Sandy Devastation: Greg Sheehan

    For example, The Clinton Social on the corner of 7th and Clinton is finally open for dinner and drinks as of March 6th. Thank goodness! The Dunkin Donuts franchise at 1200 Grand is open again as of last weekend (with free food and drinks for all last Saturday — did you go?). Word on the street is that Legal Beans is finally reopening as well. That’s great news for this downtown eatery! So happy that these places are back.

    Still, there are a few businesses that still are struggling to open (if they will at all).

    #1: Solares Tanning Salon (8th & Monroe)

    photo 2

    I bought a spray tan package here – and used to looove their threading. So disappointed that they are still closed. Fingers crossed that they reopen soon.

    #2: Pleasant Road Spa (720 Monroe)

    photo 1

    Spa days here are divine. PLEASE reopen!

    #3: My Elevator.

    Yes, my management company has STILL not fixed my elevator. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I welcome suggestions. My landlord has asked the management company several times…but still nothing is being worked on. Supposedly they got the parts, but I see no one working at all. So frustrating. The plus side? Getting a ton of stair climbing in (being on the 4th floor). Trying to stay positive.


    What are some of the Hoboken businesses you are happy to see have reopened? What are you waiting for to reopen? Make sure to SHOP LOCAL! xo

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    • Pleasant road spa is not opening back. They opened a new location at 223 main ave Passaic park NJ. I use to love them in Hoboken. Miss them because they had the best massages in town and moderately priced too.

    • I was bummed about Pleasant Road Spa too. They sent a message out to everyone who had a groupon with them that they would not be returning to Hoboken.

    • Our building also has issues – entire first floor looks as it did about two weeks after the hurricane (gym is closed, bottom four feet of sheet rock gone, etc). Frustrating. Looking forward to the reopening of Filippos… and our gym!!


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