• The Friday Five: 5 Things I Learned at the B.Y.O.M. Event {Xquisite Hoboken}

    Friday Five here…and what better way to share the fun stuff I learned at B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Makeup Event) at Xquisite Color & Cuts (on 1st near Willow Ave) last weekend?


    Xquisite Hoboken

    The Idea:

    You bring your own makeup to the salon, and a makeup artist will look through it, make recommendations based upon your skin and what you have currently, and then you’ll get a professional application with your own makeup (while learning tips and tricks on the way).

    What I Brought:

    Some of my goodies

    Some of my goodies

    What I Learned:

    1. Primer, Primer, Primer.

    Use primer. Something I’m guilty of not using. Reasons: 1) Foundation goes on more smoothly; 2) It lets the foundation color even out your skin tone; and 3) It helps the foundation stay on longer. Okay…fine…

    2. Contouring.

    I learned all about fanning out your cheeks and which brushes to use. Cheekbones ain’t got nothin’ on me.

    3. Cat Eyes

    I learned the ins and outs of cat eyes:

    • To create the winged-out edge, close your eyes, move your finger along your upper crease, towards your ear. When you meet your eye socket, mark the spot with a dot of liquid liner. Place the tip of the liner (liquid) on the dot, and drag it to the outer corner of your eye, thickening the line as you go. Capisce?

    4. Setting Powder

    Everyone should have setting powder. I have Mineral Veil (Bare Escentuals), but totally forgot to use it. Lesson learned.

    5. How to Use My Brushes

    Let’s face it. I’m kind of a Sephora crazed girl who knows nothing about makeup. I go in, and I let the makeup artists sell me anything that they want because I just assume they know more than me. But, then I don’t know how to use what I’ve got. So… it was amazing to get a tutorial on which brushes to use for what!

    Then…voila: makeup gets applied!

    photo 3 a

    In the chair

    A little selfie to see the final makeup application (we went with neutrals since I was just hanging around town afterwards):

    photo 5

    Sorry for the angry face, I was off to have a Girly Saturday with Alexandra,

    so there’s really no excuse. Such a fun event though-looking forward to the next one!


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