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  • The Hoboken Public Library: Demystified {6+ Things You Should Know About it}

    While this post may be rather trivial to some, if you’ve ever asked the question(s), “Where is the Hoboken Library?” or “What kinds of stuff happen at the library? or “Can I borrow books for my Kindle at the library?” this is for you. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about the Hoboken Public Library:


    1. It’s located at 500 Park Avenue.

    Right next to Church Square Park.

    2. Its hours of operation pretty much change seasonally.

    It’s better to just click the link than for us to post the 100 different hour times depending on if it’s summer, fall, winter, etc. Capisce?

    3. It’s easy to get a library card.

    Residents just MUST have photo ID to show Hoboken residency, renewable every three years, which enables you to borrow Hoboken Public Library materials as well as enjoy interlibrary loan privileges such as JerseyCat and the BCCLS consortium. Those in good standing can have an “Open Borrowing” sticker on their library card  — giving you the opportunity to borrow in-person at over 150 other libraries in New Jersey.

    4. It lends technology

    Laptops, iPads, Sony EReaders, Nooks, and Kindles — all able to be borrowed! Kindles come downloaded with over 80 titles…not bad, not bad at all. If you’re in the market for borrowing a laptop or iPad, they’re for in-house use only. Sony e-readers, Nooks, and Kindles are available to borrow for up to two weeks. To borrow these electronics, you MUST be over 18 with a library card and deposit of $50 cash {which will be refunded once it’s returned}. If an item is damaged, it obviously needs to be paid for, and any overdue items will be charged $5 per day.

    5. It isn’t just for books anymore.

    You’re able to download audio books, music, and ebooks onto your OWN Kindles, Nooks, etc. from the comfort of your own home once you have a library card  — for FREE! Pretty awesome.

    6. The library actually hosts some pretty interesting events.

     Just a few past and present examples: a wine and cheese pairings class, a small business check up score seminar, and lots of kids’ story times are a few of the past and present events. For a full current list, click here.

    7. If you are one of those people that say “LiBERRY” instead of LiBRARy, we’ll be extremely upset.

    It’s {lī-ˌbrer-ē}. Enough said.

    Some more library vocabulary/fun stuff for you to know:

    Freegal Music

    Library card holders can access hundreds of thousands of songs.  DL up to three Sony Music tracks in the MP3 format each week {not sure if this will beat Spotify, but heeeey}.


    Naxos Music Library is the largest source of classical music online, providing both music and spoken word in streaming audio format.

    eLibrary  NJ

    eLibraryNJ (formerly ListenNJ) allows you to download popular audiobook and ebook titles to your PC, laptop, and PDA at home. The first time you check out materials on the eLibraryNJ site, instructions will be provided for you to download the software required.


    eBCCLS is an eBook and downloadable audiobook service available through the BCCLS library consortium. eBCCLS is another place to check for available eBooks and additional titles, working the same way as eLibraryNJ. FYI, you will have to log into each site individually for checkouts and holds. eBCCLS is only available to patrons with resident cards from the Hoboken Public Library or another library in the BCCLS system.  s per BCCLS policy, courtesy card holders will not be able to access eBCCLS/Overdrive ebooks or downloadable audio books.


    Freading does not mean F$#@ READING, just FYI. Freading is available to Hoboken Library Patrons, and it means exactly the opposite. It is what the library calls its FREE e-book downloads for your kindle, nook, iPad, etc. Pretty sweet. There is never a hold list for any of the Freading books, and patrons get 5 virtual “tokens” per week to choose any book(s) they would like to download.


    Ambiance: The library isn’t huge (seriously though — is any building thaaat big in Hoboken?), but it feels cozy and quaint. There is free wifi — and a lot of people use it to study. The book selection is decent, and if you plan ahead, it isn’t hard to get a copy of a book that isn’t currently present at the Hoboken location {just ask one of the librarians}.

    A Few Numbers for Your Use:


    (201) 420-2280,


    (201) 420-2347,

    Childrens and Young Adult

    (201) 420-2348,

    Fax Number

    (201) 420-2299

    There you have it. The Hoboken Library in a (medium-sized) nutshell. Have you been? 

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