• Tiffany Pinero Style: Pack Light and Pack Right Session {Anguilla}

    Tiffany Pinero, a wardrobe stylist in Hoboken & NYC came to my apartment recently for a little style session. She helped me pack for an upcoming long weekend in Anguilla via a “Pack Light Pack Right” session – which was extremely helpful. Besides a shorter session like this, Tiffany’s services also include wardrobe rejuvenations, wear and pairs, look books, commercial and editorial styling…and the list goes on.


    But without further ado, I’ll let Tiffany give you a peek into our fabulous afternoon together:


    The weather is saying its spring, but can we really trust it? Just in case it decides to flip flop towards, un-flip flop weather, creator of your fave blog {HobokenGirl}, is taking no chances and bringing the sunshine with a change in scenery. Of course a wedding invitation to the beautiful island of Anguilla might have pushed her in the right direction, but now that she’s said yes, to being a bridesmaid, she had me come over to make sure her carry on didn’t get carried away.

    Since this is a four day affair, Jen set the goal of fitting her attire into one bag that didn’t need to be checked. This is where a packing session comes in handy, it really makes you assess the purpose of what you are bringing and dismisses unnecessary items. I understand that feeling of security knowing you packed extra clothes that are supposed to be “options” but one or two is enough, a huge pile of randomness will only not clutter your suitcase, it will literally weigh you down. After all it’s a battle of the bulge when it comes to that airport scale, and spending your hard earned margarita money on baggage fees is not the way to start out your escapade.

    Day 1 Pack Light to Anguilla


    Day 1 Evening Pack Light to Anguilla

    Day 2 Pack Light Anguilla

    *Stylist note: trying things on before hand is crucial. The rehearsal dinner look was laid out and ready to go with the gladiator sandals and when Jen tried it on, we realized not only did the shoes need to be reworked, but also the undergarments. Talk about crisis averted!

    Day 3 Pack Light Anguilla

    Day 4 Pack Light Anguilla

    It really varies per client what a packing session will entail. Sometimes a person will have no clue where to begin and let me run rampant. In other instances, like in this one, Jen had a few items she definitely knew she wanted to bring, but had me fill in the holes of her itinerary and add the finishing touches to certain looks.

    The main goal is always to pack things that will work in multiple ways, like the bright plaid scarf and a bevy of neutral shoes. For the wedding she’s going barefoot, so that made things easy! Her classic Gucci clutch works with everything she brought, and there is even room for a back up dress in case things are casual. Something great that Jen mentioned she is doing, that I think is beneficial to everyone is, she’s bringing perfume samples instead of her normal bottle. This is such a fantastic idea for two reasons, with liquids in a carry on most regular sized bottles will be too many ounces and have to be left at check in AND carrying samples will bring the weight down on your bag. WIN WIN. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style, you just have to plan accordingly. Have an amazing trip Jen, just make sure before you leave Anguilla you bottle up that sunshine and bring it back to our beautiful town.


    We had such a fun time! Tiffany not only has an eye for what looks good, but also she is very receptive to your own personal style intertwined with trendy looks. I absolutely can’t wait for her to come over and help me with my style and closet woes again soon!

    For more information about Tiffany’s styling services, visit her website.

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    Jen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of HobokenGirl.com. She started the site to discover the wealth of fun things happening in Hoboken and Jersey City and surrounding Hudson County areas. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or #HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she can usually be found shopping at local boutiques, eating an Insta-worthy meal, walking her French bulldog Pierre, or watching some really bad {but oh-so-good} reality TV and ordering takeout with her husband.


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